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Defining Excellence
Perfect Your Exit Strategy
Selling the Intangible Company

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Thomas Metz photoTom Metz has a diverse corporate finance background. He founded T.V. Metz & Co., LLC in 1983 and has been an investment banker for more than 30 years. Mr. Metz has arranged and negotiated a wide range of merger and acquisition transactions across North America as well as Europe and Asia. Tom has arranged the sale of more than 75 companies.

Previously he invested venture capital for the Gramark Co., a private holding company. He held positions in finance with the DeLorean Motor Co. and computer sales with IBM. Mr. Metz has degrees in both Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Oregon and an MBA from the University of California at Berkeley. He was an Adjunct Professor of Finance at Lewis and Clark College and is a frequent speaker on mergers, acquisitions and entrepreneurial topics.

Tom has authored three books. The first, Selling the Intangible Company—How to Negotiate and Capture the Value of a Growth Firm, was published by John Wiley & Sons in 2009. The second, Perfect Your Exit Strategy—7 Steps to Maximum Value, was published by Bettencourt Publishing in 2016. Tom's latest book, Defining ExcellenceThe Discipline of Company Definition, was published by Bettencourt in 2019. See below for more information.

Tom is an avid golfer and heli-skier. One year he won the U.S. Squash Championships and was the number one ranked squash player in his age group. He also pilots his own airplane, a Cessna 182.

Perfect Your Exit StrategyExit Strategy cover image
7 Steps to Maximum Value

A sound exit strategy improves the probability of a successful exit and obtaining the maximum price. This concise book reveals the seven essential steps that comprise a successful exit strategy including—how to improve your value, reduce your risks, prepare for an unsolicited offer and the nature of strategic value. (Bettencourt Publishing Ltd., 2016.) > Click here for more information.

Selling the Intangible Company
How to Negotiate and Capture the Value of a Growth Firm

Intangibe Co cover imageCompanies with strategic value—as opposed to financial value—are predominantly found in the fast-changing technology, software, and service industries. In Selling the Intangible Company, Tom Metz helps entrepreneurs and CEOs understand the nuances of selling a company whose value is strategic. Metz reveals the best time to sell, debunks M&A myths and offers advice on negotiating tactics. Selling the Intangible Company is an essential read to help CEOs understand the nuances of selling a company with strategic value. (John Wiley & Sons, 2009. > Click here for more information.

Defining Excellence
The Discipline of Company Definition

Defining Excellence coverA business exists for only one reason—to deliver value to its customers. Therefore, a company should be defined by its customers, not by its products or services. Company definition impacts how you think about your company—how you perceive your markets and new opportunities for growth. Company definition impacts every corporate communication—press releases, investor presentations, etc. Clarity is not optional.  (Bettencourt Publishing, 2019.) > Click here for more information.

San Francisco Presentation

Tom Metz gave a two-hour presentation at the NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center in San Francisco in October 2016. The presentation addressed how to develop a sound exit strategy and the events surrounding the sale of a company in which the value is strategic.

Cal Business Article

Tom Metz was featured in Cal Business Magazine, Winter 2010 edition. The article discusses why Tom started his business, the concept of negotiating as a high stakes poker game, and the freedom of flying his airplane. (> Click here to view the article.)

Entrepreneurial Excellence Radio Interview

Tom Metz was interviewed by Frank DeRaffele, the host of the Entrepreneurial Excellence radio show on WTBQ in New York. Tom discusses the myths associated with the sale of a company when the value is strategic. (> Click here for more information on this interview.)


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